Tuesday, November 14, 2006

How To Handle Your Man

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1)Only give men one thought at a timeto deal with.A man can either read or listen,but he cannot do both.Men's brain are not wired for mental multi tasking,like women's are.The most effective way to communicate with them is to only deal with one issue at a time,and not randomly bring new topics into the mix of conversation.

2)Because man deal with one thought at atime,let them have their turn when they are speaking.Women's brain can cope with talking over each other in conversations but men can't.To clearly and effectively get their messages across to each other,men take turns talking.

3)At the end of the day,let man have 30 minutes of 'fire-gazing' time to recover from his day.Fire-gazing is the daily ritual that has been undertaken by men since the beginning of time.Its the process of shutting down and tuning out.Let a man recharge his batteries before bombarding him with talk aabout the events of your day.

4)Men define themselves by their work and accomplishments.If a man is unhappy at work,he can't focus on his relationships.If a man has a problem,don't try to make him talk about it.Give him space and the time to solve his problem.Then he will have the ability to pay attention to you.And his not talking doesn't mean he doesn't love you.

5)Be direct ,ask for what you want.Men don't see this aggressive;rather,they find indirect approaches confusing and futile.Women are always try sending subtle mesages about what they would like or need.Subtlety is a waste of effort on men.They completely miss these understated messages,which only fuels the frustration felt by women and their feelings of misunderstanding.

6)Men are not great talkers or listeners;you need to teach them what you need.They can't read your mind.Most women can sense the needs and wants of those around them, but most men are usually oblivious to these signals.The best way to communicate with men is tobe open and honest: express your needs clearly and succinctly rather than hope he will pick up on your vibes of misery.

7)If you want to punish a man ,don't give him the silent treatment.Women think they are in complete control of the guilt factor when it comes to men.When women feud with other women,the most effective way to punish the other is to cease communication.This method is lost on men.Men enjoy the silence,peace and quiet.They are unlikely to realise there is something wrong for at least nine minutes.

To punish a man,force him to talk about all your concerns and upsets for hours on end.This will exhaust him and,for the time being you will exact some revenge.And don't punish a man by making him sleep on the sofa-he likes it. Its like camping.

8)A man's sentences are shorter and more stuctured than woman's.This is important to understand if the woman wants to be convincing in an argument.Present one clear thought at a time:present with a simple opening,a clear point ,and a conclusion.

9)If your man is lost-or, as he would say,"finding a new route"-never ask him to stop and ask someone as this undermines his self-worth.A man evolved into the hunter and provider.His success as a man was reflected in his successful completion of a task, and appreciation shown by his female partner.To take this way will only create frustration in the man,and arguments may begin.

10)Because man do one thing at a time,don't talk to him during love-making because he is virtually deaf during this time. A man can lose direction-an erection-and sense of purpose during love-makingif a woman tries to talk to him.A woman's multi-tracking mind allows her to combine sex and speech at the same time.

11)Many men are commitment-phobes.They are scared of the "L" wordas they are not sure what love is.This fear come from possibility of that word ruling out any chance they may have to be with naked supermodels in a hot tub(yeah ,right -as if there wa s ever that possibility in the first place).If you want to scare a man off,use the "L" word loud and often,followed by the"M" word.

12)Men want power,achievement and sex.Women want relationshis, stability and love.That's just the way things are.To get upset about it is as useful as complaining about the rain.Accept that it rains,and be prepared for it by having a raincoat and umbrella ready.Accept our differences, embrace them and USE THEM TO YOUR ADVANTAGE !!!

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