Friday, December 01, 2006

My First Steam And Sauna Bath

Yesterday it looked like i struck a bonus when i recently found out there was an offer for a week by a new opening gynasium nearby.For only 35 ringgit i can use all the facilities including sauna and steam bath ,not to mention the hansome,young and masculine instructor to help me around with the mechines.

My husband and i started at 7.30pm yesterday...As beginners we were recommended to use exercise machines like treadmill,stepper and cycling machine .There are 5 big TV sets with 5 different channels hanging infront of us and the techno music was switched on so loud so it spiced up our mood.
after 20 minutes each exercising we did the warming down by doing ' hullahoop'.Surprisingly i could not do with the smaller hoop not with my slow momentum and big 'T' to swing it around the hip.Now i know why thinner people can do it better.........

At 9 pm we were ready to go home but ofcourse before that it was time to bath.There were two rooms situated opposite each is sauna the other one is steam .I entered sauna first and saw there were charcoals ,one wooden bucket filled with water and its wooden scoop which i did not know for what purpose.So i chose the room which filled up with steam.Both rooms seem rather dangerous to me..what if i suffocated inside it who would gone to help me....the warning there said those with heart problems are not allowed to try.How do i know that my heart was ok when my brain start to panick. So i guess i had to risk my life in order to know.....

At last i entered the room but dared not to go far away from the door.Instinct told me it was saved to be there.I was a bit confident then and suddenly something dropped on my shoulder then i ran out could'nt imagine what it was.After a few seconds outside , my brain became clear again...actually it was drops of water which had condensed on the ceiling.

I was then became more relaxed and enjoyed the steam while imagining that all the fats and calories in my body would melt away.....and i could come out looking like Madonna.

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