Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I don't know what to thing i am sure about myself is that i am so sayang to throw away my barangs.Lagi lama i guna lagi though there is a strong bond between a human and a thing.Contoh like this barbie dolls belong to my daughter...i still keep them..i can actually give them away to my nieces but still thinking of departing from them make me sad..the memories that stuck on my head i guess so very hard to let go.So what am i ?I don't think hoarding is bad after all as long as he or she knows which barangs mean a lot to them so what's wrong to hoard them.

I keep these because i think i cannot find them again.

I keep these because i love the variety of colours stones can offer.

I keep these phones cause soon the phone company won't produce these models anymore.

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