Wednesday, February 28, 2007


This is said and tested to be a black diamond weighing nearly 2 carat.Don't ask me how i got it (should ask my husband indeed)but its pure black diamond.I will keep it for a while..may be i will make a ring or so...

This old jeweleries were from my late mum.I dont know how my father knows that i love old stuffs or antique.Instead of giving me mum's big bangles or necklaces he just gave me this brooches,2 pair of ear rings and a ring which are very special to me because all the stones are made from intan.I love them very much dad and thank u.

And those things above are my hubby's collections.Can u imagine what was that?The things are actually from animals organs which already being dried up (please dont will look so cruel) i can only name the animals ..crocodile and tiger' hmm.. white buck's skin and a sea creature(don't quite know the name).Actually they were given to my husband as a token of friendship while he was working in Indonesia from 1996 to 2002.Beside all these he was given a special kris (dagger)which still has blood stained on it by bapak 'Bupati'.All are very precious to me and my husband.

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