Monday, March 05, 2007


Salah satu permandangan di sebuah pulau di Mersing ketika waktu petang.

My husband

One day we thought of spending weekends first we chose the same destination that is Mersing...cos Mersing offers a great ocean to living creatures underneath and above it.Then one must have a fishing rod of course... initially people like us who thought fishing is as easy as buying fishes at the market,was struck with surprises.There are so much we don't know about fishing.At the moment we were in this shop who sells all range of fishing equipments...we made second thought of postponing the fishing idea and were urged by our instincts to go back and make some researches first.Search here;

Anyway dropping at this shop opened our eyes to a new adventure of what the shop owner called an enjoyable sport.Talking with him can make our mind wonders and convert all his words to god so interesting...he can describe how he can fool the fish by using imitate bait.How he can travel 12 hours across the ocean to find quiet spot where there are no 'pukat tunda boats' around...wish i can join him as soon as possible...if i dont get sea sick.

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