Monday, March 19, 2007


Found this photo in my son's wallet......the color is nearly faded ! I dont know why he took it from the album and keep it inside his wallet but one thing for sure he had told his sister ,"look akak ! mum is even prettier than u ...."showing the rotten picture.
Its funny u see,people are scared of growing those days...when the sound of our age from 'teen' changed to 'ty', we made a commotion.

Those years i found time moved so slow to graduate and found a job. I wished there would be no more stress in learning to pass the exam.But now time moves so fast even without doing anything.

To become old is like u don't have a plenty of time left.That makes sense why some older people
still want to enjoy life as though they don't have enough time anymore.

I always wonder why people want to live longer...why people willing to endure all the pains such as operations just to be 'looked' young, they can't be young because old is old.I never wish to live longer than what i need to be living.There is always in me wishing that i have enough time to see my children grow and have their own future or family...yes and thats it.

Living longer means u are weaker.U tend to get sick even more often. U need more support even when u want to raise your skinny arms . Your heart become more fragile.your eyesights
are blur ,your words are trembling....will people around u understand u anymore...

I am satisfied of being young once.....the opportunity of falling in love, learning new things,knowing
so many friends,sharing the laughs and tears ,making some silly mistakes and facing the problems in life like other people do.So what else do i want .

I like being forty's cause i experienced being twenty's.I like being twenty's cause
i was strong and active.I can run ,i can jump, i can climb.I like being forty's cause
i have multiply myself.I like twenty's because it was an adventurous life.I like being forty's now because i know how to use computer ! So guys out there whatever age u are right now, treasure it ......