Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I hate lies.

Have I never lied ? No i have, i lied a few times during my childhood.I lied to my mum especially during fasting month where i secretly broke my fast and pretended to be fasting.I lied about a few things ,scared by telling the truth i will be punished.

My biggest lie was when i told mum that i needed to go to one of my hostel mates's house in Bagan Serai but actually i wanted to see my bf (my first date).Until now my friend,Idah didn't know i used her name to lie .I was scared to death if somebody saw us and tell my dad about it.I had to hide away whenever i saw my father's friend and of course i was too scared like i d be seeing a ghost.Ever since that day my bf asked me to ask permission from my dad and ever since that day also i was never allowed to see my bf.

I never regret lying to my parents but i do know it was wrong and i pray that God forgive me.
When i grew up i stop lying and can never be good at it.

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