Saturday, August 04, 2007


Wow its amazing to know a few of my beloved bloggers going for MPs soon but its kind of sad a bit because as MP they cant write something controversial like giving people names and so on...i myself cant call ppl with names....only those who are clever enough can put the right names to the right persons.

Examples , instead of Kamal Johari they will call it KJ then the names go on to KERA JANTAN or KING JENGLOT or KATAK JIWANG or KUTU JALANG or KUDA JONGOS and so on .


IF said...

Yup, and I think the question now is will they practise what they preach?

naha said...

Nobody is perfect but then they have to at least try to be perfect...he he
lain padang lain belalang so how to handle all the belalang?