Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Attempts to flush the SIM card out of her system have been unsuccessful while efforts to question the suspect have also been hampered by her play-acting and “fainting spells”. [New Straits Times]

Its regarding a suspected woman on the case of Nurin Jazlin which swallowed a SIM card. I wonder why they want to flush it out, can't they wait patiently until the thing comes out by itself.
Besides the woman cannot say 'no' when nature calls.

I once heard that to make a charm or a spell one has to swallow something hard like a bean or so then make it passes through the intestine .Once it comes out, you can grind it to smaller particle and mix with the food and let the person you want to put the spell eats.Walla! the next day you will feel head over heels in love with her.Sooorry the other way round! I wish i can experimenting it to know the truth and who wants to VOLUNTEER , anybody?Ssshhhh ......and they say it works for animals too.

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