Thursday, January 17, 2008


I love reading whatever bad things that happen in AMERICA...yes I do. Such as his economy downturn , the hurricane disaster and watching stupid films showing their real stupid men can really make me happy too. Just knowing that there are actually a bunch of stupid and coward American make me even happier.

To day i am much2 happy reading about their bad economy in Yahoo news which i had copied and pasted down . And suddenly i was surprised by the news about their fear that Europe will attack them which i read in berita Harian today ,so as for my record i provide the link here.

Like some Muslim countries i guess living poor is not a burden to their leaders and people such as Afghanistans and Palestines....they don't protest due to believe in GOD's takdir . But wait until it happens to AMERICA i damn feel impatient to see how they react.

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