Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Tag from NODEE

Macam tau2 je yang saya akan jawab tag dia....any way for my sheer laziness i just copy and paste the questions and answers directly from her blog.The red color are my answers...


What do you miss the most?

: currently? my figure when i was 56kg. hah! tak percaya ke aku selim dulu?

: me too.

What do you do if you meet the person you hate?

: i act donno.

:if i know that person hates me too i will make sure my presence worth making the uneasiness feelings between us.

One item you really want?

: is a boyfriend considered an item? if yes, mamak, boyfriend satuuuu!

: a good robot that can do all the house chores (macm dalam filem i robot)

What do you do if you’re talking to a stupid person?

: i make them feel pandai. everyone oso rasa pandai mah when talking to me.

: oh i can be very2 cocky la as though i m the smartest one.

Last book you read?

: errr… err… buku panduan memasak.

: now i remember....i don t read at all.

The person you’re thinking of?

: diri sendiri. yes i’m such a selfish bitch laidat. got any problem with that?

: my partner, especially when he put a picture of a beautiful and sexy lady as computers paper wall hhmmm, is he thinking what i m thinking...

Last gossip you heard?

: err.. that sabirin has gotten very fat and actually weighs 68kg? Opsssssss birthday boy jangan maraa. He he he.

:Datuk Najib kills Moggolian girl, ooop sorry2 the latest one is about Dtk Azalina with her lesbian partner...all are damn gossip and i hate gossips!

Last testimonial from?

: at!qa.


Last person to call u?

: boyfriend. dia cakap report dia dapat 29.5/30. bangga la tuuuu :P


Last person u talked to, about what?

: boyfriend. cakap pasal betapa bertuah nya saya dapat boyfriend macam dia. haha.

: i talked to my husband ,dah makan ubat ,nak minum teh ke kopi?

Last 5 places you’ve visited today.

: ITSD0007 ?/ TOILET

: CLC0004 / DAPUR


: Food Court/ BILIK TIDUR

: Emerald Park Apartment. /HALL

Last text message you received from..

: atiqa.

: Qayum

Last cousins you’ve met?

: wohhhhhhhhh. wohhhwohwohwohhhh sumpah tak ingat.

:Kenduri kahwen kat KL that was last year.

What did you do this weekend?

: lepak with family at home. buat biskut hangus. kek cokelat bentat etc. best gila dow!

: Tenguk CD dan banyak CD.

Last person who kissed you?

: atiqa atiqa atiqa. hari hari kami beciom ciom.


Last person who hugged you?

: atiqa atiqa atiqa. dia lah tempat aku melepas segala sangap.

:my mak angkat.

Last person who pinched you?

: sumpah tak ingat. Selalu yang rajin cubit cubit orang ni ialah Ikamika. Agak nya beliau lah orang tersebut.

:Who dares ?

Last item you bought?

: pensel comel gila ada bulu bulu ngan teddy bear ngan love love kat atas dia.

:aiyoh only one item...UHU GLUE.

What is the reason you last cried?

: some bloody korean movies.

:because of God's MERCY.

What is your mood now?

: emo gila babi kalah pompuan nak menopos.

:uncomfortable because of my sore throat.

Who did you meet 3 days ago?

: orang orang yang sama. roomet housemet klasmet gf.

: owner Kluang Railway kopitiam.

3 items that are near you?

: the nearest? bra spender subang telinga.

: a mug of tea, a computer and flowers.

Who is your hero?

: boyfriend saya ada t-shirt superman weyyyy. Hari tu dia pakai hensem gila hik hik hik.

: my father...a soldier who worked during British and Japanese occupation...

What are your plans for next weekend?

: belagak jadi orang rajin lalu study dengan khusyuk.

:more body work out.

Why are you filling this survey?

: ni semua Sara punya pasal.

: ni NODEE punya pasallah.

5 person you are tagging?

: rased. kalau kau tak buat aku nak picit perot kau. awas kawwww nyahhhh!

: 1st person who reads my blog

: wyana yang update blog seribu juta tahun sekali.

:2nd person who reads my blog

: pikahcun yang update blog seribu juta tahun 2 kali.

:3rd person who reads my blog

: anisah yang update blog seribu tahun 3 kali.

:4th person who reads my blog

: mama.

:5th person who reads my bllog

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