Monday, May 05, 2008


Siapa kata wanita Melayu tak berani?

Di bawah hanya segelintir berita2 hangat mengenai wanita Melayu kita.

1)'I love being a call girl - I'm in control,' boasts fallen child genius

By JAMES TOZER - Last updated at 09:05am on 7th April 200Child prodigy Sufiah Yusof has long accused her "bullying" father of making her life "a living hell". Yesterday she took her revenge - and in brutal fashion.

The maths genius, who went to Oxford University at 13, spoke with shocking frankness about her new life as a £130-an-hour prostitute.

Instead of hiding after her sordid career was revealed in the media, she posed in underwear and high heels for a Sunday newspaper.

2) Latest drug smugglers detained,
Norfaizura Azura Md Lias, 28, and Dayang Sakienah Mat Lazim, 20, were detained in Malta for allegedly smuggling drugs.--


Sunday May 4, 2008 MYT 9:55:30 PM

Man accuses 'wife' of marrying another man

By R.S.N. Murali

KUALA TERENGGANU: A 63-year-old man has filed a case at the Syariah High Court here, saying his wife had married another man.

Wan Yusof Sulong claimed his Siti Fatimah, 47, had married an Indian national without his knowledge and seeking to nullify the illegal union.

Judge Sheikh Ahmad Sheikh Ismail yesterday ordered Siti Fatimah to stay separately from her new husband, Muhamad Abdullah @ Mahindar Singh, with whom she tied the knot two months ago at Binjai Bongkok, Marang.

Judge Sheikh Ahmad also set June 4 for the hearing of the case.

Wan Yusof claimed he had married Siti Fatimah, who is a widow with seven children, on Sept 19, 2005.

The wedding ceremony was solemnised in Besut and the marriage certificate authorised by Islamic Council of Songkla, Thailand.

However, their marriage was not registered in Malaysia and Wan Yusof wants to do so now.

He also admitted his relationship with Siti Fatimah has been strained over the last few months and never expected her to marry another man without a legal separation from him.

Wan Yusof from Manir here also alleged that Siti Fatimah, a keropok seller at Pasar Payang, had obtained the consent from Marang Religious Department to marry Muhamad Abdullah by producing the death certificate of her first husband.

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